Posted by: Don Linnen | 30 June 2018

Simple Answers

In a world that seems to get more complicated by the day, simple answers are especially appealing.

If false, they can be dangerously misleading; if true – they’re like nuggets of gold.

Christianity – easy to grasp for a child – quickly gets complicated as you age and gain life experience in a less-than-perfect world. But I know a guy with answers.

The guy is Jesus. I believe he is who he says he is – and that’s based on a belief that is certainly not childlike.

My friend John Maisel says there are just two things Jesus wants you to know. Maisel calls these things “truths” – actual “bedrock reality” for our lives.

What are the two truths? Imagine a sit down with Jesus and him looking you in the eye and saying:

All I want you to know is I love you. Trust me.

You got it. The last five words – just 19 characters. Pretty simple. Really true.

Take those nuggets with you anywhere.

Even better, go share them.

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