Posted by: Don Linnen | 30 April 2018

Wisdom from Al & Jane at 70

Our dear friends, Al and Jane, are approaching their 70th wedding anniversary. 

Married for 70 years – that means they have been married for 25,550 days. Wow!

Put another way, had those two adventurous kids decided to constantly make epic trips around the world in 80 days, they would have circled the globe 319 times.

We are so glad they didn’t! It would have been too hard to catch them to glean their nuggets of wisdom. My wife and I caught them as often as possible. 

Al and Jane have been our double dates for more than one of our own anniversary dinners. They are fun to be with, and they are a TERRIFIC source of marital advice. Here are a few nuggets of their collective wisdom:

  • Our thoughts determine our actions, and those determine our lives.
  • Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. And if it’s a story about the wild west of Spur, Texas, you can be even slower to speak. 
  • Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid and don’t get discouraged. 
  • Let your light shine before others. Everybody needs a smile.
  • Where your treasure is, so will be your heart.

Their words reflect not just their lives well lived but the sources of their wisdom – from a guy named Sol, and some other guys named James, Joshua, and Matthew.

Their goal has always been to be encouraged in heart and united in love (coincidentally similar to one written by a guy named Paul). That goal is not just for themselves, but for everyone they brush up against. It actually does rub off on others.

We cannot count the times we’ve heard Jane say: “that was the best party…the best dinner…the best pie…the best wedding…the best trip…the best time we’ve ever had.” 

For most of those “best evers,” we’d think to ourselves, ‘yes, it was good. But the best?? Jane’s just being nice.’

But Jane really means it. She really believes it.  

The rest of us might say after a careful look at the Al and Jane of 70 years – “that’s the best marriage ever.” 

And we’d really mean it. We really believe it.

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