Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 December 2016

EOY – Where To Next?

End of the year. Time to look back. And time to look ahead.  

2016 was unusually tumultuous if you consume news, view world events, or are simply tuned in to world craziness – and sadness. Sometimes it was disturbing enough to enhance the appeal of sports-talk radio. Nothing like bubble gum for the brain to relieve your mind from snarky partisans and fake-news purveyors. 

As we enter 2017, uncertainty abounds. That’s mostly because WE are the ones living in this age. Our parents, grandparents, and ancestors lived through their abundance of uncertainty. They lived in an age when communication was much slower and technology was much less apt to do so much good – or so much evil. 

They also lived in a much smaller world population that grew much more slowly. The world population did not reach 1 billion until 1804. It was 3 billion in 1960 and 5 billion in 1987. Today it is 7.4 billion and growing rapidly.

As we sail into our uncertain times, we do well to heed the wise words of Horace to his friend Licinius – “be careful, but not too careful.” Horace spoke of the “middle way” as the proper course of life in his ode, Rectius Vives. That way is to be neither too daring nor too timid but to be hopeful in evil times and vigilant in good times.  

In that middle way, it is clear that we need direction and something we can follow – a North Star that is true. Jim Denison sums it up this way: “A culture that has no moral compass shouldn’t be surprised when it loses direction. A ship without a rudder is at the mercy of whatever currents it encounters. A sailboat without a sailor at the helm will go where the wind blows. For decades we’ve believed that truth is what we say it is. We take it as an absolute truth that there is no such thing as absolute truth.”

But there really is truth. Not truthiness, the semblance of truth; not post-truth, where emotions are more “correct” than facts; but real, absolute truth.

Seek it. Find it. 

Many libraries around the world have the words of Jesus inscribed somewhere on their walls: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32

Find that truth. Steer with it. We’ll be okay.




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