Posted by: Don Linnen | 28 October 2016

Who Am I?

I’m just a guy. A guy with lots of interests. Sports, politics, techy stuff, worldviews, granddaughters, books, friends, the great outdoors, and two-dozen other things my little brain can barely track much less remember.

Most of my mornings begin with a few minutes alone with God in thought and in prayer for my most pressing interests (way more for the grand girls than anything else). Each year I read from a different daily devotional. This year the late Oswald Chambers is my guide.

This month he led me in an unexpected direction. From 12 to 21 October, Chambers’ messages* made me think about who I am.

My job is to support missionaries, not be one. I’m an old guy, by some standards a really old guy. But it’s starting to feel like I’m getting into stride with God. Starting to get my second wind spiritually. Ironically the year began with medical advise to stop long-distance running – just when I feel I can run and not grow weary.

So much of my life has been tied to my own individual effort – pride in my self sufficiency. But that’s impertinence at best (according to Chambers) and sin at worst. That’s an uncomfortable new thought to me.

Jesus’ last words on earth were “go.” Just like sending kids to bed, it’s not a hint, suggestion, or request. It is very clear direction. He doesn’t say why we should do it or what will happen if we don’t go.  He just says “go, to everyone everywhere.”

Chambers contends that “go simply means live…identify yourself with God’s interests in other people, not with our own interests in other people.” He emphasizes that the central thing about the kingdom of God is a personal relationship to Jesus, not a public usefulness to men. More different thinking for me. I like being useful.

Soon I go somewhere I’ve never been to do things I’m ill prepared to do. I still contend I’m not a missionary. Or am I?

*My Utmost for His Highest 


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