Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 July 2016

Who Ya Gonna Serve?

Bob Dylan, Oswald Chambers, and Joshua. An old guy, an older guy, and a really old guy. Are these three worthy of an invitation to your fantasy dinner party? They’d make it to mine, but menu planning would be a challenge.

Bob Dylan is a singer / songwriter who began making his mark in the ’60s of the last century. Oswald Chambers was a Scottish evangelist and author in the early 20th Century. Joshua was the faithful disciple of and successor to Moses nearly 1300 years before Jesus was born.

It’s interesting that these three characters shared a common truth over 33 centuries. A truth that holds today.

Dylan wrote Gotta Serve Somebody. That song resonated with me especially as my faith walk got stronger. It reminded me to look with amusement and sadness at dear friends who disdain followers of Jesus yet happily approve of service to idols. 

With sadness and no amusement it reminded me to look in the mirror and see my worship of work, independence, success, my favorite college team, and another dozen or so things – some that I don’t want to admit to granddaughters.

Chambers stated that we all are willful people. Can he be talking about anyone I know? Time to look in the mirror again. He maintained that we have a will that cannot be given up. It must be exercised.

On his entry for July 8th in My Utmost for His Highest, Chambers said that when (not if) God calls us, it’s always a question of what we will do, never a question about what God will do. I love my freedom – despite the responsibility. I love God’s consistency.

Everyone serves someone or something. Everyone gets to make a choice. Everyone must make a choice.

Joshua put that choice to the people he was leading. He urged his peeps to quit serving false gods. He told them to choose between the old, comfortable, familiar gods that tempted them and the one, true God. He spoke one of the great lines in human history: “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

“Choose this day whom ye will serve.” Chambers called it a deliberate calculation, not one to be ignored, or delayed, or taken after consulting with others.  

Will you or I choose to serve our nagging desire, our imagined need, our temporary want, our idol? Will we wait to think about it? Or will we choose to serve God?

Don’t know what I’d serve for dinner, but I do know Who.

Who you gonna serve? 

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