Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 March 2016

More Doubt

Is it surprising that a week after Easter, I’m thinking about doubt? Probably not. That “resurrection from the dead thing” is pretty hard for many people to really buy.

I spent the Easter weekend with my children whom I dearly love and actually like. More than doubt, they don’t believe.

I wrote about doubt last August. That was after a moment with a deep skeptic – probably one of my children. Doubt must permeate my thoughts at some significant level no matter how much I profess to believe.

Last Sunday Pastor Jill Williams reminded me again that Jesus is Risen! I know it, but I needed the reminder.

She said, “faith and doubt work hand in hand.” The etymology of “doubt” goes back to the 13th Century. It often means being of two minds now just as it did 800 years ago.

She gave me the great visual that to doubt is to have a foot in two boats. At some point you believe in one boat. To get your entire body into that one boat literally requires a leap of faith.

Faith and doubt coexist. Faith and doubt make an honest combination. Doubt means you’re thinking.

Faith without doubt is faith without thought. Blind faith, simply accepted, not reasoned, is fragile even if it is correct. Fragile faith is too easily broken. The opposite of faith is unbelief.

Jesus was indeed risen from the dead.

I admit to my doubts, but I believe.

I have less doubt.


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