Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 January 2016

The Lesson

Nothing like a set date and time to answer a broad question in public to bring focus to a nebulous answer.

Tomorrow I speak in front of a small group at work about what God’s been teaching me. Here’s a preview of my answer.

He’s been teaching me forever. I’m just now starting to learn.  Or maybe I’m just starting to listen to Him and practice what I’ve learned.

The lesson:  Be still. Wait on Me.

Being still is not my normal mode – even while sleeping.  Waiting, especially waiting patiently, is not a characteristic of mine.

Lately I’ve noticed a developing ability to step back and watch and wait and listen.

Not long ago, and certainly for my recent decades, my reaction to most challenging situations was to jump in, make something happen, fix the problem – and do it immediately.

My thoughts, and sadly sometimes my words, were:

If you can’t see what I see, you must be looking somewhere else – or blind – or willfully ignoring the problem. If you don’t act now and act as fast as I want in the direction I want you must not understand the problem. Or the importance. Or the urgency. You just don’t get it!

My old descriptors: stew, worry, project, fuss, fume, yell, overthink, or talk before thinking.

By stepping back, almost stepping away to observe, my new descriptors are: wait, listen, see, pray, wait some more, pray some more, be still.

Wait patiently upon the Lord, and hope in him: fret not …

                                                                  Psalm 37:7   1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

It’s not that I’ve totally got it, but I’m getting it. So when you see me acting the old way, please gently remind me: fret not.

You may have to endure my snarl at things not going my way, but I’ll eventually step back, be still, and wait.

And I’ll thank you.


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