Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 October 2015

Personal Soundtrack

Music is good for the soul. Often distracted by words discussing current events or telling me a good story from a book, I rarely listen to enough good music. (Good is in the ear of the beholder.) My soul suffers.

My favorite music has varied greatly over the years. It’s heavily influenced by time and circumstance. Much of it can be directly tied to someone or something in my history.

This month my life was surprisingly paired with a new soundtrack. It’s music I’d never heard in conditions I’d never experienced.

In October my wife and I cruised up the Dalmatian Coast on a 493 foot clipper ship with five masts deploying 42 sails. Over the course of a week the Royal Clipper anchored at five ports in Montenegro, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Sailing on a large ship is new to me. My soundtrack moment came with each departure from port. Called the “sail away,” the event is not a fast one. After the four-ton anchor is weighed – not a quick process – the clipper slowly gets underway.

The ship’s barely perceptible forward movement is synchronized to the quietly booming Vangelis composition, Conquest of Paradise. The barely perceptible wake formed as we slowly pull away from Piran, Slovenia is an image now stored in my memory.


Departing Piran


The soundtrack ingrained it well in my soul. 

Upon reflection, another soundtrack has made it well with my soul for a long time.

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