Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 July 2015

Horse Trainers

I like horses. They like me – or at least tolerate me. But I’m certainly no horseman, wrangler, jockey, or cowboy. No one in my family ever owned a ranch.

So it’s strange that I was so taken by the documentary movie Buck. It’s a story (mentioned in a previous post) about a remarkable horse trainer, Buck Brannaman, with a remarkable way of getting stallions to do exactly what he wants.

His philosophy is simple: Be gentle in what you do. Firm in how you do it. When signing his books, those words in Latin are written inside the front cover.

Can leading wild horses to be calm contributors be that much different from leading people or even nations? Granted, most people are a lot more complicated than horses; and international relationships are at new, unknown levels of complexity.

But current leadership at the national level exhibits a striking lack of firmness – except when seeking votes. Those vying to be future leaders show little sign they can be gentle – especially with their words. Something needs to change.

Is it time to establish a horse-trainer litmus test for our leaders?

Mini quid facias. Feceris quam firmum.



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