Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 May 2015

Self-Focused Little King

transcendence |tranˈsendəns|

noun: existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level

example: the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world


Each morning I drag my lazy butt out of bed and move into my stuporous routine. If I don’t spend a few moments the night before programming my autopilot with non-embarassing clothing choices, semi-healthy breakfast options, and hard-scheduled tasks there’s no telling how my morning will end.

Four years ago during my wife’s battle with cancer, I began reading a daily devotional. Now I begin each year with a new devotional and each morning with a new page and some alone time with God. I pray in my stupor. (That may be better than me thinking too much…more heart than head.)

Last week, Paul Tripp gently reminded me of my drive to meet deadlines, satisfy with accomplishments, and find pleasure in my little kingdom.

“Transcendence is a part of humanity. Adam and Eve weren’t placed in the garden for self-survival and self-satisfaction. They were immediately given a vision and commission that would take them far beyond the borders of their own needs and concerns. They were given amazing capacities to do what no other creature could do.

Think about what this means for all of us who are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. You and I were created for more than filling up our schedules with the self-satisfying pursuits of personal pleasure. We were meant to do more than make sure that all of our needs are fulfilled and all our desires are satisfied. We were never meant to be self-focused little kings ruling miniscule little kingdoms with a population of one.

God’s grace invites you to be part of something that is far greater than your boldest and most expansive dream. His grace cuts a hole in your self-built prison and invites you to step into something so huge, so significant that only one word in the Bible can adequately capture it. That word is glory.”

Paul David Tripp

This is so good because I am so bad at being a king. 

And His grace is free.


For more by Tripp and his buddies, check out Heart of the Matter.

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