Posted by: Don Linnen | 28 February 2015

Will It Make a Difference?

Will it matter? Did it matter? 

Over the course of six days at the end of January in a beautiful country far, far away a small team of us road over many bumpy miles in cars and vans. The villages epitomize “hard to reach.” It’s no wonder the people there are among the unreached.

It was a rough, gritty trip with sporadic electricity and limited hot water. My interpreter, Sajit*, a recent Bible college graduate, and I climbed rocky, narrow paths, crossed rivers, and walked dusty roads. We sat with the chickens, ignored the flies, and paused our gospel storytelling when the cow decided to moo. 

It was wonderful!

The scenery was majestic. The people welcomed us without hesitation. Sajit and I shared the gospel in fields, along roads, in front of houses, and on steep hillsides. 

We found a four-foot “wide” spot on a trail nearly 200 feet above the rice patties. There we talked with three women who had never heard the name “Jesus.” At the end of our visit, they asked us to tell the story again, but this time in their cell phone so they could share it with others.

A 12-year-old girl decided to skip school the day we visited her home on a DISTANT hilltop. It was well past lunch. We were climbing further and further away from our team. It would have been really easy to pass that seemingly deserted house.

For some reason, we kept going, and she was waiting – home alone. For some reason. 

She didn’t know, and we didn’t know, but she was about to sprout from a seed planted long ago when someone gave her a book of Christian songs. She sang for years without understanding.

Now she understands and, more importantly, accepts. We gave her a Bible. She eagerly asked Sajit to mark the verses of the Lord’s Prayer.

The little boy on the road asked for candy. We had none, but we followed him up the dirt path to his home. Stumbling through a few words in their language, I introduced myself to the father, Rajiv*, and the rest of the family. They had never heard of Jesus. 

In perfect English, the 14-year-old daughter asked where my home was. Her 15-year-old brother joined in the conversation. Yikes! Now the burden was on me to present the Gospel in English (Texan) without Sajit to correct my theology. I keep forgetting that God is in control.

Sajit did repeat the story to the entire family in their native tongue. They all accepted Christ that morning. The next day they went to another home to attend church for the first time.

That day was the first day for their village to have a church. There are 75,000 villages in their country. There were only 5,000 with churches. Now there are 5,001.

God is at work. The body of believers is growing. Hope is spreading.  What an amazing time to get out of my kingdom of one and be a small part in His Kingdom.

Answers to the questions above: Yes, Yes, and Yes.


*A pseudonym.



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