Posted by: Don Linnen | 30 September 2014

Happy or Sad?

In the first few verses of the Beatitudes, Jesus spoke of really sad groups of people. The poor in spirit, those who mourn, and the meek are not the folks you expect to see on American Idol or Sunday Night Football. You don’t expect them to have many followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook.

But the poor in spirit are those who are smart enough to recognize they cannot do it all on their own – maybe nothing on their own.  They need a North Star.

Those who mourn are intellectually honest enough to admit their most significant losses are due to things they’ve done wrong. They need forgiveness and healing.

The meek are the gentle souls who do not push their way around just to meet their own agenda. They trust. 

Very sad. Not very 2014. Very sad.

But beatitudes is from the Latin beatus meaning blessed or happy. So why was Jesus talking sad when He was meaning happy?

The poor in spirit know their limitations. They know they need God’s help. With that help, theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Those who mourn actually admit to their sins and ask for forgiveness. That may not be as simple as it sounds, but they shall be comforted.

And the meek trust God to direct the outcome of events. That’s some scary trust, but if you can stand the ride, you can inherit the earth.

Apparently it is a lot more happy than sad.

Read all The Beatitudes for full measures of happiness.

Listen to The Beatitudes by Kronos Quartet for an excellent reading experience.

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