Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 May 2014

Big Hat, No Cattle – Uncomfortable Fear

It’s dawned on me I may talk a better game than I play as a believer. Any real follower of Jesus is expected to walk in faith, not in fear.

I’m walking an anxious path. I know what I’m supposed to do, how I’m supposed to live, where I can find the words of assurance – but I still find myself walking with fear. It rears its ugly head emotionally and physically.

As Benjamin Corey states in his Twitter bio, “I”m following Jesus but I totally suck at it.” It’s really good to not be the only one.

There are over 2.1M Google hits on “fear not.” Nearly 1.4M of those are in WordPress blogs. Maybe this post isn’t that original.

My Olive Tree Study Bible shows the calm assurance of “fear not” offered 34 times from Genesis to Revelation. Seems like people have been afraid since the beginning of recorded history. And since the beginning we’ve been assured He is with us.

I still need the assurance. It’s time to again read some verses on fear and remember I’m apparently just like a lot of other folks.

At least I don’t wear a big hat. I have no cattle.


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