Posted by: Don Linnen | 24 November 2013

Idols. There I go again…

…thinking I have it all figured out. When it comes to dealing with idols, I figure I’ve got that one under control.  I’m not that impressed by celebrities whether they’re in show business or sports business. Yeah, I like a few and actually follow what some of them do. But not nearly as much as when I was younger.

Money and things? It’s relative. I have far more than most and much less than some. Most of the time I’m more grateful than envious.

Then I read Bob Hostetler’s article on Household Idols in War Cry, a magazine published by The Salvation Army. He reminded me that celebrity worship, consumerism, instant gratification, and convenience are everyday idols.

He reminded me I am still figuring it out. I do like things that are convenient. If they’re not, I’ll try to find a replacement that is. I never considered convenience an idol.

I shun convenience stores but seek good food prepared in advance that I can quickly reheat at home. I avoid one-stop shopping in malls then sit down at my computer to buy things to be delivered to my door – sometimes within 24 hours. As a male, I steadfastly refuse to ask for directions then turn to my closest mobile computer for locations, reviews, and suggestions.

I am into convenience big time. And I like things sooner rather than later. Not exactly instantly, but still…I like things fast, efficient, good, on-time, and easy. That’s so I can do more. But more of what?

If doing more just means going faster and spending more time on the treadwheel for the sake of doing more, is that a good thing?

If an up-tempo life fueled by convenience means less time with the Lord, my lovely wife, my cool kids, terrific granddaughters, and faithful friends – it seems I still have idols getting between me and the most important things in life.

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