Posted by: Don Linnen | 30 November 2012

A Month of Anthony’s Chocolate Mousse Cake

November, 2012. What a rich month! For me it was as mentally and spiritually rich as Anthony’s Chocolate Mousse Cake from Central Market.

It may have been easier to call this another month of blessings or thanksgiving. It was. But pop culture seems to gravitate to appreciation of chocolate more than to giving thanks for intangibles and ironies.

Whatever you call it, the month was full and intense – like dark chocolate. It included:

– participation in a Veteran’s Day program at an Episcopalian school at the invitation of Ryaan, my 10-year-old Muslim neighbor

– education at the foot of the brilliant and down-to-earth Laura Hansen Dean, director of planned giving for my arch-rival school

– inspiration by the talented and unassuming Amy Grant

– amazement at the reality and risks of space travel as told by former astronaut Mary Ellen Weber

– joy with the princesses, Maggie and Sabine (aka, the granddaughters).

What weaves this fabric of experiences together?

New thoughts on old ways of long-term planning to create legacies. A decades long vision on the risks and rewards of space travel. Bright-eyed, curious, smart, young people who today think no further ahead than a few hours. But those same young people who will lead, make new legacies,  and explore frontiers barely imagined today.

Each day brings new ideas, daunting challenges, and crazy adventures. We live among many people in need and many who are the hope for mankind. We live in very rich days.

Amy Grant starts each day with a prayer: Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Help me find the people who need me, and those who I need.

I thank her for my new, daily prayer.

What a tasty month.

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