Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 December 2011

Endings and Beginnings

Life has few clean edges. We tend to create our own chapters based on time or events. An old year ends. A new one begins.

When I posted Look to the Future a year ago, I had no idea how prescient that was for our family. Maybe I was just “whistling in the dark.” I have two reflective choices.

2011 was an awful year – starting with fear; ending with infection. In between were multiple surgeries, poisoning with drugs, total hair loss, intense radiation, a painful virus, buckets of tears, and plenty of doubt. 

2011 was a splendid year – starting with gentle love; ending with celebration. In between were generous doses of believing doctors, out-of -the-blue acts of encouragement, uplifting smiles from toddlers Maggie and Sabine, supernatural strength, and sure evidence of God’s grace.

Warm memories smoothed the bumps. The rough road created strength and resilience.

A tough year ends. It was a blessing.

The new year begins. Hope is unsurpassed.

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