Posted by: Don Linnen | 30 June 2011

Leadership or Brinkmanship?

If you’re a newshound, it’s hard to miss the calls for leadership today. The president and both parties accuse each other of lacking the will to do the right thing. Lacking the backbone to lead.

Is it lack of leadership or is everyone holding true to their beliefs to see who will blink first? Is it belief in the common good or belief in their personal interests? It’s brinksmanship at its finest – or its worst.

I’m a huge fan of good leaders. They are rare. In 4o years, I’ve been blessed to serve under four good leaders. Sadly, just four in four decades.  

Robert Gates left government service today. I’ve seen few examples of a better leader.

Last night at our church, Scott Gornto talked about parenting in his fine seminar, The Truth About Marriage. He spoke to leadership as marriage partners and as parents. His definition of a good leader was one of the best I’ve heard.  A good leader has:

  • Vision
  • An ability to articulate that vision
  • A non-anxious presence

Robert Gates personified those traits. We all will do well to emulate him in our families, our organizations, and our nation.

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