Posted by: Don Linnen | 22 May 2011

Convenience and Safety

Father, You asked for our hands, that You might use them for Your purpose. We gave them for a moment, then withdrew them. The work was hard and dirty.

You asked for our mouths, to speak out against injustice. We gave you a whisper, to avoid being accused or offending someone “important.”

You asked for our eyes, to see the pain of poverty. We closed them. We did not like what we saw.

You asked for our lives, that You might work through us. We gave a small part, to avoid getting too involved.

Lord, forgive our calculated efforts to serve You only when it is convenient and only where it is safe.

A paraphrased prayer of confession from church this morning.

Yes. I squirmed in my seat.


  1. […] I’m guilty as charged on both counts. Just as it did years ago, praying often leads to squirming in my seat. I’m willing to squirm if that’s what it takes to bring me closer to what I’m […]

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