Posted by: Don Linnen | 28 February 2011

On Generosity

The world is now flooded with infographics. These images make complex numbers and fuzzy concepts easier to understand.

Everyday Venn has a simple infographic depicting generosity. emergent by design develops a more complex picture of money and wealth.

Our church will soon begin a six-week series on generosity. That made me think about the generosity of nonprofits versus that for people.

Generous living resonates with most people. Generous giving resonates with all nonprofits.

Obviously nonprofits love donors who are generous with their money and time. That’s the lifeblood of all nonprofits. But what about the nonprofits? How generous are they?

Author and pastor Gordon MacDonald verbally gave me a very simple image of the spectrum of generosity. He said you can arrange every human on a straight line and order them by their generosity. On one end of the line are those who are most generous; at the other end, those who are most greedy.

Where does your organization stand on that spectrum?

Where do you stand?

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