Posted by: Don Linnen | 29 October 2010

Tag Lines ‘R Us

Don’t you just love a good tag line? One that sticks in your head. One that means something.

MSNBC is now pushing “Lean Forward.” Love the concept. It sticks in my head. But seems like it is better suited to inspire change in people facing challenges than marketing for a sometimes news, sometimes infotainment television network.

In the 1950’s, the Magnolia Grocery Company in Carthage, Texas used the tag: “Ask Those We Serve.” Simple and effective for a wholesaler back in the day.  Not bad for a nonprofit now.

Google, famous for its inaccurately quoted “Don’t be Evil,”  actually has ten tag lines in their philosophy statement. Tenet #6 clarifies their ideas on evil.

Today my personal, slightly biased favorite is that of The Salvation Army. “Doing the Most Gooddefines the mission of an Army of people helping those in need without discrimination.

Taken a step further, an anonymous author scribed verse to match that tag. Tags with substance have a way of sticking around.

I am hope.
I am compassion.
I am strength.
I am faith.
I am doing the most good.

I serve a community.
A region.
A nation.
A world.
I serve heroes.
I serve victims.
I serve a sovereign God.
I am doing the most good.

I am an Army.
Drafted by the Creator.
Commissioned by a man who defied death.
My enemies are despair and destruction.
My ammunition is grace and mercy.
My allies are generosity and benevolence.
I am an Army.
Helping others be all they can be.
I am doing the most good.

I feed empty stomachs and hungry souls.
I rebuild homes and shattered lives.
I am a willing listener for a veteran with stories to tell.
I am a bottle of water and an encouraging smile for a weary firefighter.
I am an answered prayer.
A silver lining.
A second chance.
I am doing the most good.

I am a humble steward of other people’s generosity.
I am a grateful courier of a stranger’s kindness.
I am the faithful executor of others’ goodwill.
I take my responsibility seriously.
I am blessed.
I am a blessing.
I am The Salvation Army.
I am doing the most good.

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