Posted by: Don Linnen | 21 July 2010

What’s It To You?

How many of us really enjoy our jobs? After all, work is a four letter word. Is it really supposed to be fun? We have to bring the bacon home – or more accurately these days, the low-fat yogurt.

Jean Chatzky offered some great insight in a recent issue of the USAA Magazine.  She distinguished three types of work:

  1. A job that you have to do for money
  2. A career that adds some incentive for advancement and more money
  3. A calling that you have to do because you care.  Because you passionately care.

If you’re raising a family, you may have to stay focused on a career and let your passion be vented as a volunteer. But if you have already paid – or saved – for most of your big-ticket items, you might need do something with that passion.

What is your work to you?

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