Posted by: Don Linnen | 28 January 2009

Weather Tweets

It’s a new year and time for many of us to start using our new toys. Over at Channel 8, ABC’s affiliate in Dallas, WFAA TV is using Twitter to get the weather out.

The chief meteorologist, Pete Delkus, started sending tweets two days ago – right before the big ice storm.

Is this innovation by the corporation? Or did his teenage daughter embarrass him into using a new tool of the 21st Century? It doesn’t matter. It’s working. Good for him.

He’s now got over a thousand followers. Lets see where this goes. If there’s too much info, those tweets will fall into the area of noise. It will quickly get tuned out.

If it’s timely and pertinent, that group of followers will continue to grow. Tornado season is still a few months away for Dallas. Check out how many peeps follow the tweets when big, black clouds start forming in the west.

Many nonprofits are already in their tornado season. Twitter may be a great resource for the stormy days ahead.

It’s so simple. It’s so cheap. Why aren’t more nonprofits using it to get the word out??

Whether you want to send a quick update on the day’s news to your followers, an urgent message to your staff or volunteers, or a dire plea for funds to your impulse donors you have little to lose and lots to gain.

Maybe it’s time to embrace some change for the new year.


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