Posted by: Don Linnen | 31 August 2007

Three Seconds After the Snap

It’s amazing what we’re trying to do now. At least what some are trying to do.

Today’s college football quarterbacks need to take a football snapped from the center, drop back a few steps, look over about a hundred square yards of grass, and decide what to do with the ball. They have about three seconds to make up their mind and execute the plan…or improvise….or get crunched. That’s a lot quicker than 10 years ago.

Heck, I’m from Texas. I have trouble saying a simple sentence in three seconds. Don’t even ask me to put “philanthropy” in that sentence.

College teams all over the country are spending big bucks for simulators from companies like Gridiron Technologies or Visual Edge to get their qb’s into a better place mentally to make quicker decisions. The Air Force Academy allegedly has their football players jumping on trampolines and reading two eye charts, one inches from their face and one 10 yards away.

Is this a trend for social capital in the 21st Century??? Wikipedia describes social capital as the “advantage created by a person’s location in a structure of relationships.”

College football is all about having an advantage in the relationships on the field. The game is faster than ever. There are more options than ever. The relationships are more complex than ever. The costs are higher, and there’s more money at stake than ever before.

This holds true for the rest of life as well. Relationships are the common denominator. What you do to maintain healthy relationships and prepare for change in a rapidly changing world is vital.

Sure hope my bifocals stay on when I’m on the trampoline.



  1. Keep up the good work.

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