Posted by: Don Linnen | 7 August 2007

The Battle at Kruger

Okay kids. It’s a battle for survival. Who you gonna place your bet on? Your choices are a lion, a crocodile, a water buffalo. Actually, lets make it a baby water buffalo…a calf.

If you’ve not seen this video, it IS amazing. Don’t read any further if you want to sustain the suspense of the ending. It’s on YouTube 24×7 and national tv tonight. Joe Bob says check out the Battle at Kruger. Background to the video is on the ABC news site.

If you don’t have eight minutes to watch this, then bookmark it for later. It’s a fast and fascinating video. Rated PG13. Some violence, very little blood, but heavy child endangement.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll start with heart in throat and end with a grin. The least among them wins! It’s not the stealthiest (or sneakiest). It’s not the fastest and flashiest. It’s the humble water buffalo who prevails.

And why did they win? Because the herd worked together (and showed a lot of courage). Funny how this paceline thing of working together to succeed keeps popping up in the world.

Do our bovine buddies have something to teach us more advanced animals? Do you think ANY of our politicians get it??

Lets hope our nonprofits get it when they’re trying to save those that are the least among us.

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