Posted by: Don Linnen | 5 July 2007

Who’s Running the Show?

Okay, boys and girls. Time for a quiz.

According to FP (that’s the catchy acronym for Foreign Policy magazine) how many nations still have monarchs as head of state?

A) 34

B) 44

C) 54

The answer is of course later in this post. In the meantime, here are some questions closer to home.

How many monarchs are running nonprofits? Optionally you can answer the following question:

Is your nonprofit being run by a monarch? Take your time. It’s an essay question.

The answer may be readily apparent, or it may need to develop while you’re on one of your long runs or standing under a hot shower. Wherever you do your best thinking and talking to yourself.

So what’s the answer to the question on rulers in those faraway lands?

According to FP, there are 44 countries that still have a monarch as head of state. They say that’s quite a bit fewer than last century, but it still seems like a lot to me. Of those 44, Queen Elizabeth reigns over 16 of them.

To put it in context, I went to my friendly spy service, the CIA World Factbook. They tell me there are 268 countries in the world. So just over 16% of the countries on this planet are ruled by some sort of potentate.

How many nonprofits being ruled by just one person? My gut tells me it is more than 16% of the total.

Is yours one of them?

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